Crown Support Services is a project oriented company acting as an interlink for your project’s Procurement related demands, offering a great variety in products and services that will accommodate the project’s work. What we offer, is a professional collaboration where your part ends by bringing us your Procurement project and let our team deliver the solutions you were searching for.
We are providing you with efficient results through our connections, partners and a network of experts we have from around the world. In the projects that we commence, we carefully select convenient suppliers who are in compliance with our terms and conditions, understand the needs of your community and environment, offer competitive prices, calculated Project management, timing schedule and quality.
Therefore, it is not a surprise how we have conquered any project that we’ve undertaken so far. Our strategy creates equal opportunities for all participants as our need for diversification in services and materials, constitutes a complex of opportunities for businesses to support us, while communities benefit from economic growth with direct and indirect employment generation.

World Wide

Crown Support Services acts towards the philosophy that ”Our work is our ART”. It has no borders and each project is a unique opportunity to create a memorable result.
Having globally spread sister companies, branch offices, agents and partners, results in elimination of geographical restrictions and a provision of our services to wherever your project is located.


Corporate Compliance

Our clients can feel safe and benefited from our long Project Management and suppliers’ audit involvement that results in well organized, up to schedule and cost efficient projects.
Achieving excellence in your business is an ongoing project that never stops. To accomplish that our company has developed a sophisticated organizational structure for compliance that sets clear responsibilities and reporting system with precise outcomes. To accomplish certainty in our choices, we perform due diligence and audit to all suppliers and services providers, a critical step to minimize later on misunderstandings and errors during the project’s process.


You can apply here online toon our supplier list and our AML.
You may fill in our simple application form, in case if you are a supplier or manufacturer offering equipment and products relevant to our scope of supply.
You may consider that we are always glad to extend our supplying chain network.
Register your information today or contact us via e-mail if you have any queries.