We can practically cover supplying special custom made piping, demanded in all industries that handle fluids, supporting them with our variety in standard and customized engineered special Piping, including PIPE SPOOL, PIG LAUNCHER and RECEIVER. We use prefabricated pipes that are assembled by our Partners in at their facilities in Europe which is altogether of more than 27.500 m2. The fabrication services, from production to handling of requirements, include:

  • Cutting and forming
  • Painting
  • Additional test
  • Coating
  • Bending
  • Threading
  • Beveling
  • Blasting
  • PWHT
  • Sand Blasting

Engineering and custom Solution

We propose a considerable diversity in prefabricated PIPE SPOOLS (pipes and bends) tailor made fittings for oil, petrochemical and gas industries. Also special fittings which include Special Flow Tees , Y Pieces, Laterals, Split Tees and Extruded branch manifold produced up to 80 tons. The materials we use are alloy grade of P11, P22, P91, P92 X20, cladded materials, Titanium, Duplex, Super Duplex High Yield Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel etc.
Our cooperation with special design, manufacturing and testing teams, provides us with a forceful leverage. Together, we can conduct functional tests of any size of launcher and receiver pig traps in high strength carbon steel material (up to steel grade x80) even used in low temperature service (minus 50° C and lower) and sour service condition.

Pig Launcher , Receiver

A noteworthy partner of ours, is a fabricator of Pig Launcher and Receiver remarkably skilled in the fields of design, manufacturing and testing. More importantly, he offers a custom engineered products for which functional tests are produced for any size of pig launcher or receiver in their final form. Tests go up to high strength carbon steel material, steel grade x80, low temperature service (minus 50° C and lower) and Sour service condition.

The range of production covers:

Maximum body diameter 60” x 64”
Maximum body thickness 50 mm
Maximum length 18 mts