EPC Projects:

Crown is the ideal source for complete EPC projects. We aim at supplying complete Piping packages of all types and sizes that support leading EPC companies in the oil and gas industries worldwide.

Cost solution

The saying goes: ”You have to spend money to make money”, but we can definitely argue on that. We are here to offer you time and budget oriented solutions with the Source One’s flexible payment options. It’s strategically built cost model, provides you a risk free solution where you don’t have to pay until you see savings that affect your bottom line, meaning you pay on performance, NOT on projection. Find out more…

two engineer discussing a new project

Supplier Relationship

To develop a proper Supplier Relationship Management you need an expert who can customize the program to your industry, requirements and market. After tens of thousands collaborations with suppliers, Source One can definitely offer its insights in strategic sourcing which includes drive performance improvements, risk management and sustainable savings and prove to be your right choice for your project.

Strategic SRM

A pivotal step to start any project is to find the appropriate partners that will consider your needs and will be able to address them. The understanding of the client’s profile and urgencies is a procedure that through the years we have excelled at, as after satisfying hundred of our clients, we can promptly see what and who will suit to their project’s the most.

The strategic Supplier Relationship Management, is an activity only for experts and Crown has earned its spot among them. With a combination of Supplier Relationship and Risk Management you will have access to our insights in costs savings and key sourcing that will prove us to be the right choice for your project.