Special grade

To cover all aspects of our customers’ needs we have a European based company with expertise in supply of special grades for high and low temperatures, different pressures of media and highly corrosive and severe sour services. For the extreme cases with severe conditions, we can supply pipe in exotic alloys such as Monel, Alloy 20, Hastelloy, Copper-Nickel, Aluminum–Bronze, Titanium and others. Large diameter pipes of chrome or other exotic alloys materials can be available for you in our partners’ pipe yards in Europe and USA.
For the purposes of our Compliance competence program and based on our Manufacturer’s list we identify products approved from major oil, gas and petrochemical organizations that will suit your project the most.
Sizes: 1/8” – 60”
Piping Wall Thicknesses: Schedule 10 – Double Extra Strong
Tubing Wall Thicknesses: 0.016” – 0.75”