We have classified our supplying program based on the common known application to the industries of the energy sector.
Downstream: All of our possible deliverable stock materials meet the demands of refining and petrochemical environments including processing, and focus on carbon, alloy, low temperature and stainless steel, inconel, high-yield pipe and piping components.
Upstream: Our company can supply to almost every aspect of the offshore exploration division. All the materials are in compliance with the requirements of the onshore to the deepest water, including rigs, FPSOs, drill ships, platforms, topsides and subsea elements.
Midstream: Crown Support Services acts as the basic supplier of pipe and piping packages to Air Separation and LNG projects and has succeeded in covering complete packages’ needs of such projects, as well as other midstream application projects.
Power and Renewable Energy: We are able to supply you with all standards of renewable power generation projects and facilities, as we are not committed to any specific brand or a particular manufacturer. Based on the mill’s location and the available stock, our supplying program for this application is covering from the cycle plants to emerging geothermal applications and Sustainable energy generators like wind and solar, quickly and reliably